Enough talk! 少废话!

Let’s fight! 动手吧!

We should hang out. 我们该一起出去玩。

Agreed! 同意!

There’s only one thing that matters. 只有一件事情是重要的!

Get up! 起床!

You’ll be late for work. 你上班要迟到啦!

What? 什么?


What are you doing up there? 你在那上面干什么呢?

Nothing! 没事!

Let’s go! 我们走吧。

Coming! 我来了!

Careful! 小心点!

Happy day! 真是个好日子!

You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this moment. 你不知道我等这一刻已经等了多久了。

This is a sign. 这是个预兆。

You will fulfill your destiny. 你将承担你的使命。

That was just a dream. 那只是个梦而已。

So why didn’t you? 那你为什么没有呢?

We all have our place in this world. 在这世界上,我们每个人都有自己的归属。

Well done! 干得不错!

If you were trying to disappoint me. 如果你们想让我失望。

He wants to see you. 他想见你。

Is something wrong? 有什么问题?

Why must something be wrong for me to want to see my old friend?为什么必须得出事了我才会想见见老朋友?

I didn’t say that. 我可没这么说。

You were saying? 你想说?

I’ve had a vision. 我有个预感。

That is impossible! 那是不可能的!

Nothing is impossible. 没有什么是不可能的。

We have to do someting. 我们必须做点什么。

The answer becomes clear. 答案变得清晰起来。

It is time. 是时候了。

I don’t know. 我不知道。

Where are you going? 你要去哪儿?

I was kind of thinking maybe I… 我其实想也许我…

Almost there. 就快到了。

Open the door! 开门啊!

Let me in! 让我进去!

It is my great honor to present to you…很荣幸为你们介绍…

Get out of the way! 别挡道啊!

What are you doing? 你这是做什么?

What does it look like I’m doing? 你看我这像在做什么?

I lied. 我撒谎了。

Come on. 算了吧。

Let’s get back to work. 我们回去工作吧。

How interesting. 真有意思啊!

That was just an accident! 那只是个偶然!

There are no accidents. 一切都不是偶然。

Absolutely not! 绝对不是!

I’m just the messenger. 我只是传话的。

I’m just gonna wait right here. 我就在这里等就行了。

It’s nothing to worry about. 没什么好担心的。

It’s perfectly safe. 非常安全。

Did you hear? 你听到了吗?

What are you doing? 你干什么啊?

Don’t get him mad! 别挑衅他啊!

What’s he gonna do about it?他又能怎么样?

I’m good. 好吧。

I’ve seen enough. 我看够了。

Wait a second. 等一下。

I think there’s been a slight mistake. 我想有点小误会了(‘s为has)。

My patience is wearing thin. 我快沒耐心了。

Would you turn around? 你能转过去吗?

Sure. 当然。

How’s it going? 你好吗?

I guess so. 我想是吧。

Wrong! 不对!

Take it easy. 不要激动。

Now listen closely. 你仔细听好。

Are we clear? 清楚了吗?

I can’t wait to get started. 我等不及要开始了。

Let’s begin. 我们开始吧。

Wait wait wait. 等等等。

If we don’t try, we’ll never know, will we? 如果我们不试试怎么会知道呢,不是吗?

Let’s just start at zero. 让我们从零开始吧。

There is no such thing. 没有这种事情。

Maybe I can start with that. 或许我可以从这个开始。

But if you insist… 如果你坚持话

Go ahead. 开始吧。

Show us what you can do. 让我们看看你本事如何。

All right. All right. 好的好的。

Why don’t you try again? 何不再来一次?

A little harder. 再用点力。

This will be easier than I thought. 这比我想象的容易多了。

No denying that. 无可否认。

He is so mighty! 他实在太神奇了!

You’re up. 你还没睡。

Sorry about that. 真对不起。

You don’t belong here. 你不属于这里。

I know I know. 我知道我知道。

You are right. 你说的对。

You’re awesome. 你太棒了!

I didn’t say anything. 我什么都没说。


Good night. Sleep well. 晚安,睡好。

You don’t belong here. 你不属于这里。

You are too concerned with what was and what will be. 你太在意过去,又太担心将来。

There’s a saying. 俗话说。

Yesterday is history. 昨天已成历史。

Tomorrow is a mystery. 明天还是个谜团。

Today is a gift. 今天就是一份礼物。

That is why it is called the present. 这就是为什么我们把现在称作“礼物”的原因。

What’s happening? 发生什么事?

What are you doing here? 你在这里做什么?

Thank you. 谢谢!

Don’t mention it. 别客气!

Put that down! 把它放下来!

Excellent. 太棒了!

Let’s get started. 我们开始吧。

Are you ready? 准备好了吗?

That was awesome! 那真是太棒了!

I’ve been taking it easy on you. 我一直对你手下留情。

All right! Yeah! Let’s go! 好!哈!来吧!

I will never quit! 我绝不会放弃!

He has a chance to make things right. 他有机会将功补过。

It was an accident. 只是场巧合。

There are no accidents. 不存在巧合。

But there are things we can control. 但有些事情我们可以控制。

If you are willing to guide it,to nurture it,to believe in it.如果你愿意指导它、培育它、相信它。

How? 如何做?

You just need to believe. 你只需要相信。

I will try. 我会尽力。

You must continue your journey without me. 没有我,你必须继续你的旅程。

You can’t leave me! 你不能离开我!

You must believe. 你一定要相信。

This is really good! 这个味道真不错!

What are you talking about? 说什么呢?

This is amazing! 这个真是太棒啦!

You’re a really good cook. 你的厨艺真是很不错!

You’ve got to try this. 你一定得试试这个。

Nothing. 没事。

What do you think I’m doing? 你以为我在干什么?

You think this is funny? 你认为这很好笑?

You are the only one who can stop him. 你是唯一可以阻止他的人。

What? you’re serious? 什么,你认真的?

He did it before, he’ll do it again. 他以前做过,这次也可以。

Where did he go? 他去哪了?

You don’t believe that. 你并不相信那。

I don’t know. 我不知道。

That’s what I thought. 我就知道是这样。

Don’t try and stop me. 别想阻止我。

We’re not trying to stop you. 我们不是来阻止你。

We’re coming with you! 我们和你一起去!

No need to explain. 不需要解释。

Come with me. 跟我来。

Enjoy! 尽兴(吃吧,玩吧)!

I’m not hungry. 我不饿!

You think I’m a fool? 你当我是傻子?

That’s cool. 太棒了!

Focus. 专心些。

Fulfill your destiny. 完成你的使命。

I don’t understand. 我不明白。

It is time for you to continue your journey without me. 该是你们独自走以后路的时候了。

Good to have you back. 很高兴你回来。

Good to be back. 回来真好。

You like that 你喜欢吗?

I’m sorry things didn’t work out. 很遗憾很多事情不能如人愿。

It just wasn’t meant to be. 只是事情注定不是这样的。

Forget everything else. 忘掉其他所有事情吧。

Your destiny still awaits. 你的使命一直都在向你召唤。

I think it’s time I told you something I should have told you a long time ago. 有些事情我早该跟你说了,我想现在是时候了。

Don’t have to. 不需要。


To make something special,you just have to believe it’s special. 要想让它特别,你只要相信它是特别的就可以了。

This battle is between you and me. 这是你和我之间的战斗。

It was never my decision to make! 这从来不是我所能做的决定。

I would rather die. 我宁愿死!

I don’t want your apology. 我不要你的道歉!

What are you gonna do? 你想做什么?

Don’t tempt me. 别惹我。

I’m gonna use this. 我要用这个。

You want it? 你想要它吗?

Come get it. 过来拿啊。

Finally! 期盼已久啊(终于啊)。

It’s nothing! 什么都没有!

It’s OK. 没事的。

I didn’t get it the first time either. 一开始我也不明白。

What? 什么?

There is No Secret Ingredient. 从来就没有什么秘诀。

I figured it out. 我自己想出来的。

Are you OK? 你没事吧?

You idiot! 你个笨蛋!

Finally! 终于啊!

I should stop talking? 那我应该别说了?

You wanna get something to eat? 你想吃点儿东西吗?



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